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4 years ago

We have dealt with Airmaker for over 10 years. As one of several HVAC contractors we contacted when our outside A/C unit wouldn’t work, Airmaker was one that discussed our options in the most straight forward manner. After discussing our options, we selected high efficiency Goodmans equipment and chose Airmaker over several other local firms for installing. Both units are running well after 10 years.

In contrast to another review, we had Airmaker out to check our A/C that wasn’t working well (the refrigerent return line was warm – normally it should be cold). Airmaker checked the A/C and recharged the system, the repairman explaining to me what gas pressures were right for the unit. As the A/C was almost devoid of Freon after 10 years and it was an expensive refill.
The next day, the A/C wasn’t working again. We called Airmaker and the technician traced the problem to holes in the A coil in the furnace. Airmaker replaced the A coil and gave us credit for the cost of the Freon since they hadn’t caught the problem the first time – we didn’t ask for money off but they offered a $300 credit and we gladly took it.
This was the first maintenance in 10 years, so it may have been a problem with my ignoring routine service. As for the A/C, the house was much cooler the rest of the summer, including the second floor which has been hard to keep cool for the last few years.

We have been happy with the work by Airmaker in contrast to the other reviewer. So, give Airmaker a call and see what you think.



I had to give Larry and his staff 5 stars for the overall service and knowledge and honesty. You see, I had a number of other contractors try to figure out how I could get better heating to an older section of my home that had an addition and was not setup correctly from the start. I was missing returns from remodels over the years and duct work and sizes were not correct. As well, my funds were low and other contractors were talking about zoning the system but they did not seem confident to me as to make the home warm, as well as cool in the summer and were expensive. Larry came over and looked in the basement, crawled in the crawl space, checked every supply and every return. This guy knows his stuff!! He explained the heating cooling duct work sizing theory and then he designed a new return system that made sense to me, kept me in budget and now with Chicagos 0 deg weather, it’s never been more comfortable.

– Larry H

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