Air Conditioning Cost

There are several things that can directly influence the cost of your air conditioning unit overall.  These things could include, cost of the unit, the energy output, the temperature you set your house at, the effectiveness of the unit, the age of the unit, reliable installation and performance checking, and how clean your air ducts are. However, there are steps you can take to lower the overall investment you will have to make in order to run your air conditioning unit during the summer.  We are in the final days of Summer here in the Chicago area, however, the worst month – August is right around the corner.  Airmakr wants to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with your air conditioning system because we know air conditioners, and can always help you with whatever you need when it comes to running your unit, replacing your unit, or making sure you have the best unit for your home.  

How To Save Money With Your Air Conditioning Unit 

There are things about the unit itself that can save you money when it comes to your electric bill.  Just the type, make, and model of the unit you have in your home can lower that cost. 

Vector illustration of arrows. You may use it in different ways.

Vector illustration of arrows. You may use it in different ways.

  1. What Type of Unit Does Your Home Have:  Is your air conditioning the right unit for your home?  Some homes come with a unit that is not big enough for the home it is used for.  Some homes require two units to run for multiple levels of their house.  If your home is saddled with an air conditioning unit that is wrong for the size and model for your home then you might be wasting unnecessary money.  This is because your small unit is running to power the whole house when it might be designed to run for a specific amount of space.  Airmaker Inc. will come out and inspect your unit for free in order to make sure you have the right unit for your home.  
  2. How Old Is Your Unit – Is your air conditioning unit over 30 years old?  That is the amount of time that most air conditioning manufacturers and providers recommend that you replace your unit.  This is because technological advancements in the air conditioning industry can provide you a more energy efficient unit, this will directly affect the electricity output of the unit which lowers the electricity bill that you will have receive. Airmaker Inc. can help recommend the best unit for you home, and install it properly so that you know your air conditioning is running and optimal performance for your place. 

How To Save Money Running Your Air Conditioning Unit 

Now that the right unit is installed and working for your home there are other things you can do when actually running the air conditioning unit that will help save you money over time: 

  1. Make Sure Your HVAC Vents Are Clear:  One of the biggest problems most homeowners have is that their air ducts system might be clogged or that the air conditioning filter is not being ventilator-349658_960_720changed regularly.  By changing the air vent filter you are allowing the unit a “cleaner” run. This means that the unit will not have to work so hard in order to force air through your home.  Since the unit doesn’t have to work so hard the desired temperature will be reached quicker and therefore will not run as much.  This will lower the expenditure of energy outputted and will then lower your electric bill. 
  2. Programmable Thermostat:  When it comes to really managing your air conditioning bill a programmable thermostat will actually help the most.  Just like trying to drive with using less gas, programmable thermostats give you the best option to set your desired temperature to manage your air conditioning unit’s energy more effectively.  By staying on top of the thermostat you can lower your electric bill. 
  3. Electric Fans:  Another option for most home owners is installing and running fans that will keep the room cool for less cost.  This will circulate the air so that less air is being pumped in to the room to lower the premature during August for a more comfortable level.  
  4. Location of your Thermostat:  If your thermostat is located near an item that puts off energy then your thermostat will read those temperature settings. This will cause the unit to run even though the temperature in the room is exactly what you want because the heat from the item next to the thermostat is actually tricking the thermostat to read the room as warmer than what it is.  Make sure that there are no items near your thermostat that can mess with the settings cause the unit to run when it doesn’t need to. 
  5. Watch the Humidity Level:  Moisture in the the room is actually going to determine a lot at what you are feeling comfortable at.  Therefore on low humidity days you can set the blower to high. On high humidity set the blower to low.  This will determine the air speed in the room and it will directly affect your comfort level which will cause you to rely on your conditioning unit less. 

Air Conditioning Help 

Airmaker Inc. has specialized in air conditioning units, problems, and help for the last 20 years.  We want to to ensure that you are comfortable in your home and are ready to help whenever you need it.  If you are looking to have your air conditioning unit inspected we can help you out.  Airmaker Inc. also specializes in commercial air conditioning units as well for business so that your employees will feel comfortable and cool and actually help them to want to come in to the office on those hot August days here in Chicago.  If you have any questions about your air conditioning unit and ways you can save money and are looking for the best way to do that, call us today and we can help you with the best air conditioning solutions!

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