Home Air Quality Carol Stream

When it comes to your home the air inside can be worst than the air outside. These problems can become worst in the winter as opening your windows to let fresh air in might not be an option. There are several things your can do to make sure the air in your home is cleaner and better than before. The first thing everyone thinks about when they think of home air quality is your filter. Your home’s filter plays a big part in the air quality, but sometimes it does that at the cost of your wallet. Though there are other options available to you that will make your home’s air better and not hurt your wallet either. Another factor that most homeowners do not watch is the humidity in your home. Everyone knows what excess humidity feels like, but when there isn’t enough it can cause problems as well. People who get nose bleeds know all too well about this problem.

Air Filters Carol Stream

The filters in your home are the first line of defence in making your home’s air quality safer. HVAC Systems have their filters on the furnace part of the system, while wall mounted units have theirs inside each unit. Most people think that a better air filter or a HEPA air filter will be the best solution. While those can help, they can also reduce the airflow and cause your system to work harder costing you more money. When it comes to systems like boilers there is no forced airflow so there is no air filtration. When your home has no or inadequate air filtration, an additional air filtration system might be needed. Airmaker Inc can help you with your Air filter needs. Their experts can offer you the best systems for your home that will improve your air quality without costing you more on your heating or cooling bills.

Humidifiers Carol Stream

Another part of home air quality that most homeowners don’t think about is the humidity in the house. When the air is to dry it can cause problems with furniture, mood, and even your health. When the air is to dry wood products dry out to much and can crack or become more flammable. Leather can also crack from being dried out as well. Home air fresheners that do not use electricity will also dry up quicker and not last as long. When the air is dry it can affect how you feel as well. Eyes tend to dry out more and you feel more thirsty. This can lead to health problems, when the humidity is low your skin dries out, and nosebleeds become more common as well as other health factors.

Air Purification Carol Stream

The last part about inhome air quality is purification. Mold, germs, and bacteria can become airborne in your home and breathed in. Home air purification, like the ones that are offered by Airmaker Inc, can help protect you from these. UV Air Purifiers use ultraviolet light to kill airborne mold, germs, and bacteria that can harm you. This will in turn make you less likely to get sick and recover faster when you do. This also will help prevent the dreaded family shared disease effect. Where when one person in a family gets sick the rest of the members will get sick.

Air Quality Specialists Carol Stream

When it comes to making your home’s air the best it can be, experts like Airmaker are the best to call. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge in household air quality you can be sure that the experts at Airmaker will get the job done. They help people all over and not just in Carol Stream. If you need air quality service in Addison, Bloomingdale, Glen Ellyn, Elmhurst, Villa Park, or more. Give Airmaker a call and get the job done right.

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