Ways To Save Money on Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

thermostat-2-672782-mWe have all felt the heartbreak.  We have all experienced the pain.  It’s that moment where your electricity bill comes in the mail and you stare at it knowing it has been over 90 degrees many times during the past month and your air conditioning has been running. There is no doubt that running your air conditioning is one of the top ways to see your electricity bill increase.  Everyone is looking for a way to lower their electricity bill by running their air conditioning system more craftily during the summer.

Air Conditioning Savings

According the U.S. Department of Energy almost half of your home’s energy use is actually from your heating and air conditioning unit.  So what are some common ways to try and lower your energy bill during the summer months in Chicago?

  1. Look At Your Home’s Screens – Solar screens, or darker screens that are mesh actually absorb the light that comes into your home from the sun in the summer.  Since that is the number one reatree-824429_960_720son your home heats up you can invest in new screens to cover your windows which will actually absorb the light before it even ever heats up your home.  You can also make your home’s yard more picturesque, by planting more leafy trees around your yard you will actually cut down on the amount of light that is entering your home.
  2. Manage Your System – According to the Department of Energy you can actually lower your bill by effectively managing your system.  So you can save over 10% of cost by using your system to your advantage and paying attention to where it is.  When you are at home set the system to a comfortable temperature for you and your family, the higher you can live with the less your system runs. When you are not at home or at night let that temperature increase a little bit.  Not to where it gets to be over 20 degrees in your home but another 10 degrees.  If you run to hot than your home’s unit will actually overwork and it will take longer to cool your home down, then if you let it run while you were away.  Along with this pay attention to where your thermostat is actually placed.  Is it near a lamp, or near something that might actually give off heat?  You would be surprised to know that a lot of people can save money on their bill just by putting that lamp on the other side of the room.  That is because home objects might actually increase the temperature near wall-thermostat-543131_960_720the unit which gives a false reading then what the room actually is causing the unit to kick on. In the end controlling and managing your environment can actually save you money on your bill.
  3. Moving Fans – There is no need to install fancy ceiling fans inside your home.  An air conditioning unit and windows are all you need.  Circulating the inside your home is the end goal.  Therefore, it is all about fan placement. If you live in a two story home place the fan near the window then open the windows upstairs.  If you live on a one story or in an apartment then try opening the windows furthest away from the fan.  Air circulation is what is going to cool off your home, so using an air conditioning system with a regular fan is all you need.
  4. Cook Less – When it comes to cooking during the summer months we all know that using the stove and taking hot showers can cause your home to heat up.  Use the exhaust fans in both the kitchen apartment-406901_960_720and the bathroom and this will actually reduce the heat in these rooms after using them. In the summer as well you can also use your basement if you have one.  However, make sure the windows are NOT opened on a humid day.  Humidity around the city can get heavy and the humidity will actually make it hotter in your home.  That is why reducing humidity in the home is key.  On humid days stick with the air conditioning system and you will end up saving money over time by not opening the window.
  5. Replace the Unit – One of the last and best pieces of advice any homeowner can adhere to is during the summer months replace the old air conditioning system.  According the Department of Energy replacing your air conditioning unit can actually cut your electricity bill in half.  That is because newer air conditioning units actually cost less to run then ones that are more than 10 years old.  Also, some electric saving models can actually qualify your home for tax breaks if you do the research!


Cooling Off in Chicago

Take these tips and try to beat the heat.  Summer is here and it is time to make sure that your air conditioning system can survive the heat!  Airmaker Inc, is dedicated to keeping you and your family cool for the upcoming season so please call us now for an inspection or a consultation to make sure your air conditioning system is ready to keep you cool!  


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